Wood Working Mini Tabletop CNC Router Machine

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Wood Working Mini Tabletop CNC Router Machine

Providing you the best range of wood working cnc router machine with ccd camera, double head cnc wood engraving & router machine, 2d/3d cnc engraving & router machine, wood cutting cnc engraving & router machine, wood working mini tabletop cnc router machine and cnc metal engraving machine with effective & timely delivery.

ES-6090 Mini tabletop CNC router for small business, home business, small shop, home shop, craftsman, advertising, sign making, arts, crafts, Now the small tabletop mini cnc router for sale at the best price

Applications of Mini Tabletop CNC router for Small Business:

  • Wood Products: Wood arts and crafts, redwood classical and antique furniture, relief carving,hollow carving, wood carving, gifts wooden box, redwood jewelry boxes, decorative products sculpture.
  • Advertising: Company plate, sings, building models, emblem, badge, display panels, fair signs, building, numbers, signs of decoration, furniture and other decorations.
  • Others: Fine jewellery carving, portraits, landscapes, calligraphy lettering, seal carving and other plane surface carving, basso-relieve.
X-Y Axis Working Area
600 x 900 mm
Z Axis Working Area
200 mm
Spindle Power
3 kW
Machine Type
3 Axis
Job Material
MDF, Acrylic, PVC, Foam Board, Wood, Plastic, Sign Board
Spindle Head Type
Single Spindle
Spindle Speed
24000 RPM
X-Y Movement
Rack & Pinion
Z movement
Ball Screw
Repeated Location
+- 0.02 mm
Command Code
G-Code, HPGL
Driven Motor
Stepper Motor
Control System
PCI Based (DSP Optional)
Country of Origin
Made in India
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