2D/3D CNC Wood Engraving & Router Machine - RS-1325

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2D/3D CNC Wood Engraving & Router Machine Manufacturer

2D/3D CNC Wood Engraving & Router Machine - RS-1325

Providing you the best range of wood working cnc router machine with ccd camera, double head cnc wood engraving & router machine, 2d/3d cnc engraving & router machine, wood cutting cnc engraving & router machine, wood working mini tabletop cnc router machine and cnc metal engraving machine with effective & timely delivery.

Our company holds expertise in offering a wide range of RS-1325 CNC Engraving Router Machine with Air cooling spindle motor . The provided offer is ideal for hobbies, engineering prototyping, product development, art, and production work.

CNC routers can cut a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, aluminium, and high-density foam. CNC stands for computer numerical control, and it refers to machines that are operated by computer software and electronics rather than by a human operator.

CNC machines can cut in three directions, known as the X, Y, and Z axes, in most circumstances. The longest axis is the X-axis, which runs from front to back. The Y-axis represents left and right, whereas the Z-axis represents up and down. CNC routers are faster and more exact than people since they run on computers, making them valuable in manufacturing.
Wooden Door, Wooden Carving Gift Articles, MDF, Plywood, PVC, Foam Guards, Waving Boards, 2D-3D Carving, Indoor and outdoor signs.

X-Y Axis Working Area
1300 x 2500 mm (4 x 8 Feet)
Z Axis Working Area
200 mm
Spindle Power
6 kW
Machine Type
3 Axis
Job Material
Wood, Plastic, Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP), Sign Board, PVC, Acrylic, Plywood, MDF, Aluminium, Brass
Spindle Head Type
Single Spindle
Spindle Speed
18000 RPM
X-Y Movement
Rack & Pinion
Z movement
Ball Screw
Command Code
G Code, HPGL
Driven Motor
Stepper Motor
Control System
PCI Based Controller
Country of Origin
Made in India
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