CNC Plasma Cutting Machine (PL1325)

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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine (PL1325)

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include cnc plasma cutting machine with rotary attachment and cnc plasma cutting machine.

We are offering CNC Plasma Cutting Machine to our valuable customers.

A CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is a specialized tool used for cutting metal and other conductive materials using a plasma torch controlled by computer numerical control (CNC). This technology allows for precise and automated cutting of intricate shapes, making it widely used in various industries for fabrication and manufacturing.

CNC plasma cutting machines are valuable tools in industries where precise metal cutting is required. Their ability to cut through a variety of materials and thicknesses, along with the automation provided by CNC control, makes them essential in modern metal fabrication processes.

Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece
Automation Grade
420 V
Max Cutting Thickness
10 mm
Three Phase
Model Number
Working Form
Untouched arc striking
Travelling Speed
20 m/min
Working Materials
Metal Plate, Steel, Galvanized Sheet
Working Area
1300x2500 mm
Cutting Method
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