Manual Acrylic Letter Bending Tool

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Manual Acrylic Letter Bending Tool

Manual Acrylic Letter Bending Tool

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include manual acrylic letter bending tool, flame generator acrylic polishing machine, mdf engravable sheet - s -ply, laser ply, laser engravable aluminium sheets and led lamp base.

Manual Acrylic Letter Bending Tool is usefull for bending and moulding acrylic sheets. basically, it is used while making acrylic products such as acrylic letters, displays etc.

A manual acrylic letter bending tool is a piece of equipment designed for bending acrylic sheets into shapes commonly used in sign making, especially for creating letters. These tools are widely used in the sign industry for crafting channel letters and other signage with three-dimensional features.

It's important to note that while manual acrylic letter bending tools are effective for certain applications, there are also automated or CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines available for larger-scale production and more complex designs. The choice between manual and automated tools depends on the scale of your operation, budget constraints, and the level of precision required.

Max Bending Radius
0-50 mm
220 V
Surface Treatment
70 HRC
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