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Industrial Laser Chiller Machine

Industrial Laser Chiller Machine

Leading Manufacturer of industrial laser chiller machine from Ahmedabad.

This chiller mainly used for laser tube of CO2 laser cutting & engraving machine.

An industrial laser chiller machine, also known as a laser chiller or laser cooling system, is a specialized device designed to manage and regulate the temperature of lasers used in industrial applications. Lasers generate heat during operation, and maintaining an optimal temperature is crucial for ensuring their performance, stability, and longevity. Laser chillers are commonly employed in various industrial processes where lasers are utilized, such as laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking, and laser welding.

Industrial laser chiller machines play a vital role in enhancing the performance and reliability of lasers in industrial settings. They contribute to maintaining consistent and controlled operating conditions, ultimately improving the quality and efficiency of laser-based processes. Choosing the right chiller depends on factors such as the laser's cooling requirements, power, and integration compatibility.

Compressor Type
Cooling Capacity
2 Tons
415 V
Mild Steel
Frequency Hz
50 Hz
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