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CNC Wood Lathe

CNC Wood Lathe

We are a leading Manufacturer of cnc wood lathe machine with 4 axis and cnc wood lathe from Ahmedabad, India.

CNC wood lathe is not only used for 2D turning and broaching, but also used for 3D carving and cutting with additional spindle.

A CNC Wood Lathe is a computer-controlled woodworking machine designed for turning wood stock and creating cylindrical or curved shapes. It operates on the principles of traditional wood lathes but adds the precision and automation provided by computer numerical control (CNC) technology. CNC wood lathes are widely used in various woodworking applications for producing intricate and precisely turned wooden components.

CNC Wood Lathes offer woodworkers the advantages of automation, precision, and versatility, making them valuable tools for both large-scale production and custom woodworking projects. Their ability to turn wood stock into a wide range of shapes and profiles with high accuracy makes them essential in modern woodworking shops.

Wood lathe
10 kw
Automation Grade
Bed Length
1500 mm
Centre Height
150 mm
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