Aluminium Channel Letter Bending Machine

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Aluminium Channel Letter Bending Machine

Aluminium Channel Letter Bending Machine

Our range of products include cnc stainless steel letter bending machine and aluminium channel letter bending machine.

Fully functional, which has combined both the plate and profile processing. This system integrated the most convenient switching function of material and cutter, the design of double slotting cutter and double bending tools can easily deal with aluminum plate and aluminum profile materials processing. Now the machine is the highest rate of return on investment in the market.

An Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for bending and shaping aluminum strips into three-dimensional letters used in signage. Channel letters are a common type of signage where individual letters are constructed from aluminum or other materials, often illuminated, and mounted on storefronts, buildings, or signs.

Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machines are essential tools for sign-making businesses and signage manufacturers. They streamline the production of channel letters, offering precision, efficiency, and the ability to create a variety of customized signage solutions for businesses and commercial establishments.

Minimum Order Quantity
1 Unit
Bending Material
Pate and profile processing
Success Aluminum Bending Machine
Automation Grade
Power Source
Max Bending Radius
50-100 mm
Max Bending Angle
45-135 Degree
220 V
Slot Type
Double Side Swing Cutting
Material Thickness
0.4 - 1.2 mm
Material Height
120 mm
Machine Size
1350 X 620 X 1300 mm
Package Size
1450 X 760 X 1500 mm
Control Power
Computer Motion Control Card
Total Power
1500 W
File Format
DXF, PLT (Coraldraw)
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